Importance of An Exhaustive Car Wash

If you want a squeaky clean car and you want the onlookers to gleam at your car with envy, you need to give your car, a thorough wash once every 4 days or so. A weekly wash would also suffice. A step by step procedure on how to wash the car and make it look as good as new

Dust the outside

With the help of a dusting brush or may be a vacuum cleaner, dust the window panes. In case you find a heavier layer of grime, you need to dip your wash cloth, with soap water and take the dirt out. You can use a detergent based cleaning liquid, for the same. Once the dusting is done, the car looks neat.


Now comes the upholstery. You need to dust your car seats, dashboard, the rear front view mirrors, the steering board, etc. If you have kept a couple of teddy bears at the back window of your car, they can be given a clean dusting, as well.

Liquid wash

There are specific cleaning liquids available, online and in retail establishments as well. These are named car cleaning liquids. You have to dip the wash cloth into the cleaning liquid. Use a separate cloth for dusting the glass panes and a separate linen for washing the car with soap. Do not use the same cloth, for meeting both the ends. Now, slowly start cleaning the window panes one by one. The four glass window panes on the front, the wiper glass and the one at the back. You can clamber on to the top of the car. You can reach the top once you stand on the carpeted area, near your seat. You get a better height to reach the top portion of the car. You can clean and wash up the dust, over the top, so that the car remains dust free.

Liquid wash inside the car

With the help of a wash cloth dipped in the cleaning liquid, clean up the dashboard, steering board, seat covers, etc. Your kids might have dropped chocolate bits, chips or wafers on the carpeted floor. You call this area as the foot rest zone. You can clean up the mess with the help of a small broom stick.

Now, you have the insides as well as outside of the car sparkling as new.

A last coating of wipe

Take the third piece of dusting cloth, the one which is completely dry. Clean up the outside portion of the car, the same way as mentioned on the aforesaid paragraphs. The upholstery can be wiped accordingly. The wetness is now completely gone and you have your car sparkling as new.

Take your clean car to the gasoline station. Fill up sufficient air pressure on all the 4 tires present on the wheels.

Take out the gas caps. You can replace them with new ones, else clean up the existing lid, before you put them back on. You can also fill your car with required amount of petrol, needed for the entire week. 10 liters would suffice, for the vehicle to take you to your office, the entire week.

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